Does my employer contribute towards my super benefits?

For Division 5 members, employers must contribute at least the Superannuation Guarantee minimum rate (which is set by the Australian Government).

For Division 2, 3 and 4 members, employers must contribute at the rate determined by the ElectricSuper Actuary which is sufficient to fully fund all accrued benefits.

Can I make contributions?

If you are in Division 2, 3 or 4, you may pay ‘member’ contributions (which are linked to the benefit you receive from your employer) as well as ‘additional voluntary’ contributions (which are returned to you with earnings at retirement).

Division 5 members may pay additional voluntary contributions. Find out more on the Contributions page in our Learning Hub.

How should I pay my contributions?

There are 2 main ways of making contributions to your super. Depending on your income bracket and other circumstances, one contribution method may be more suited to your financial needs. Contributing using the most tax effective method can make a big difference to your financial position.


Pre-tax contributions

Pre-tax (or ‘concessional’) contributions are where some of your pre-tax salary is exchanged for super contributions (a ‘salary sacrifice’ arrangement). Pre-tax contributions may offer tax advantages for people on a higher marginal tax rate as this type of contribution is taxed at 15% on payment into the Scheme.

The maximum pre-tax contributions (including your employer contributions) is currently $30,000 per year (for 2024/25). Any pre-tax contributions above $30,000 are taxed at your marginal tax rates, and count towards your non-concessional cap.

Post-tax contributions

Post-tax (or ‘non-concessional’) contributions are made to your super from after-tax income. This contribution type is not taxed when paid into the Scheme (because you have already paid tax on this money). The maximum post-tax contributions is currently $120,000 per year for 2024/25 (or $360,000 over 3 years under the ‘bring-forward’ rule). If you exceed these limits, you may have to pay extra tax.

Members with more than $1.9m in total super balances have a non-concessional contribution limit of zero, and will pay tax at the top marginal rate on any non-concessional contributions.

Division 5 members can claim a tax deduction for personal post-tax contributions.

Contributions and taking leave

How are my contributions affected if I'm on unpaid leave or leave at half pay?

If you wish to continue to make contributions to your ElectricSuper account while you are on unpaid leave (such as maternity leave), you can.

In fact, if you are a member of Division 2, 3 or 4 (the defined benefit schemes), doing so may help maintain your death and disability insurance benefits.

If you are on leave at half pay, your contributions will be half the normal amount if you are a Division 5 member.

If you are a member of Division 2, 3 or 4 on leave at half pay, you must continue to contribute at your full rate, unless you write to the Board and ask that your contributions be reduced.

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