How much will I need?

Find out how much super you might need in retirement by thinking about your future lifestyle. Our planning tools can give you an idea of how long your money might need to last and help you check that you’re on track to reach your goals.

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Income in retirement

Access your super the way you want with our flexible options. Choose a Retirement Income Stream to receive regular payments when you retire, and continue growing your super. Or, find out more about how you could benefit from accessing your super while you work with a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy.

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Where can I learn more?

Download the free and informative Preparing for Retirement Booklet for tips on getting your money in order, emotionally preparing for retirement and ideas for how you could spend your time.

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What our members say

"Get onboard with talking to ElectricSuper. You need to meet with them. They know about super. Talk to them. If anyone asks me, I say, ‘arrange a meeting’!"

~ Craig

What our members say

"To someone who doesn’t know where to start or what do with their super, I’d say go and speak to an expert. If you’re with ElectricSuper, you can talk to them. They’ll help you tailor a plan to your requirements and your situation."

~ Janelle

What our members say

"The service from ElectricSuper has been good. I can’t complain. It was easy to move to the allocated pension. If I had known when I was younger about putting more in… when I was younger, we only put in about $5 a week, although $5 went a bit further in those days."

~ Keith

What our members say

"In terms of the service from ElectricSuper, it’s been really good. I’ve been dealing with Mel and she’s been absolutely excellent. She answers my queries every time and I’ve had no issues."

~ Rodney

What our members say

"The service has been fantastic. Any questions I’ve had either verbally or by email have been answered and people get back to me quickly. A good all-round experience."

~ Tony


Come and see us for a free consultation to get more out of your super. Whether you’re preparing for retirement or already retired, we can help you manage your options and see if you need financial advice. When it’s time to enjoy your savings, we can help you find the payout method that works for you and can even keep growing your super in retirement.

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Social services

Get the assistance you need from the organisations there to help. You can access social services for help with everything from getting free financial information to possible retirement benefits and aged care services.

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When you stop working, take the time to work on your wellbeing. Your super can support your lifestyle, but it takes more than that to enjoy it. Live happier and healthier by following our guide to wellbeing and making the most of your retirement.

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Get your super sorted with a face to face consultation.

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