ElectricSuper understands the importance of considering environmental, social and governance factors before making any investment on behalf of members.

Our Policy

The Board adopted an ESG policy in 2021. The objectives of the policy are:

  1. to ensure that ESG risks and opportunities are incorporated into our investment processes and
  2. to promote long-term value for members by guiding investment choices.

Our ESG policy aligns us with community expectations and with the corporate environmental activities of our participating employers.

How does it work

ESG factors are considered across all asset classes in the portfolio and at all stages of the investment process.

We consider the likely impact of the ESG factor on the value of an asset and/or its significance in the overall portfolio.

We consider information such as whether the assets are traded on public or private markets and the regulatory and reporting requirements.

We actively integrate ESG factors through:

  • Due diligence before investing in a Unit Trust with an Investment manager
  • Ownership, such as when an investment manager acting on behalf of ElectricSuper owns an asset, focussing on reporting and monitoring
  • Decisions to sell a unit trust

Actions of the Investment Committee also support the integration of the ESG Policy, such as:

  • Reviewing the ESG Report from our Investment Advisers, JANA, at each meeting
  • Discussing ESG as a stand-alone item at meetings, and
  • Seeking regular reports from investment managers on ESG activity

Climate Change

Climate change risk is a primary concern among environmental risks we consider.

Additionally, ignoring opportunities around sustainable investment options around energy efficiency, water and waste management could lead to a loss of value for members, as well as increasing risk.

We are committed to:

  • Considering, identifying and managing climate change risk as a material financial risk in our risk management framework
  • Identifying and taking advantage of investment opportunities involved in the transition to a zero carbon economy
  • Ensuring climate change risks are considered by our advisers and investment managers, including assessment of the available data and full company disclosures
  • Analysing climate change risks as part of the due diligence procedures for new investments.

Exclusions and Divestment

As an investor through unit trusts we do not have the same powers as an active investor and explicit divestment from investments not meeting acceptable community standards is a way in which we can exercise ESG considerations.


Tobacco is one such industry that we have divested from. All tobacco investments are excluded from our Global Equity portfolio.

We have done this because there is no safe level of tobacco consumption and tobacco causes the most preventable deaths worldwide. Investing in tobacco would therefore be inconsistent with our responsibilities to our members and the broader community.


We communicate our ESG strategy to our members through commentary in the Annual Report

The Investment Committee receives regular reports on the ESG activities and assessments of our investment managers.

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