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This dashboard allows you to view ElectricSuper’s Accumulation (Division 5) Balanced Growth option at a glance.

You can use this information to compare the Accumulation Balanced Growth option to MySuper products.

Return target

The target for the Balanced Growth option (after fees and taxes) is to deliver returns to members that exceed:

  1. the Consumer Price Index by 3% pa over rolling 10 year periods, and
  2. the median return in the SuperRatings survey of Balanced options over rolling 10 year periods.

Remember that future returns are not guaranteed.

Level of investment risk

The Balanced Growth option is most suited to members who want reasonable medium term returns and can put up with variations in the short term.

It is likely that this option will return 3-4 negative years in 20.

Statement of fees and other costs

For a member in the Division 5 Accumulation Scheme with a balance of $50,000, fees will be $325 per year (at 30/06/2023).

These fees are the investment management fees which are deducted from earnings before they are credited to your account.

Members pay no administration fees.

Comparison between return target and return

Past returns are no guarantee of future returns. Investment returns aren’t guaranteed.

Member Outcomes

The most recent Member Outcomes Report covers how your super has worked to protect your interests in 2022/23. Read it now.

YourSuper Comparison

To help you compare ElectricSuper’s Balanced option with other super products on the ATO’s YourSuper comparison tool, our returns information on a $50,000 balance (at 30 June 2023) is provided below.

ElectricSuper’s Balanced option

Division 5 Accumulation

Past 10 year net return 7.55%
Past 5 year net return 5.70%
Past 3 year net return 7.75%
Total annual fee


(this is the investment fee which is deducted from investment earnings before they are credited to members’ accounts)

Investment strategy Single diversified

Investment approach stays the same over time

Restricted fund Yes

Specific employers in the electricity supply industry only (and the spouses of members)


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