The information below applies to Division 5 (Accumulation) members only.

Division 2, 3 and 4 members should contact us for more information on their benefits.

Disability Income Benefit (also known as Income Protection) insurance ensures that if you are temporarily unable to work due to injury or ill health, your income will be protected so that your finances don’t cause you additional stress.

What you need to know

Disability Income Benefit insurance (also known as Income Protection) is available to active and retained members under the age of 60 and is payable for up to 12 months.

Active members are automatically provided with Disability Income Benefit cover*.

Retained members who are employed can obtain Disability Income Benefit insurance on a per unit basis at a fixed weekly premium dependent on their level of cover and age.

Disability Income Benefit cover is not available to spouse members.


* You need to have joined ElectricSuper within 120 days of starting employment with your Participating Employer to receive cover automatically. If you join ElectricSuper outside of 120 days of starting employment, you will need to apply for insurance, complete a Health Questionnaire and be underwritten before insurance may be provided. 

More information

Find the relevant information below to find out more about levels of cover and how benefits and premiums are calculated.

Making changes

Retained members can make changes to their Disability Income Benefit insurance by downloading the attachment below and emailing the completed form to us at

Rolling your super

If you’re thinking about moving your super from between funds, make sure you think about your insurance first.

Before you roll your super from another fund to ElectricSuper, make sure you aren’t giving up insurance or other benefits with your other fund. If you need to have Disability Income Benefit insurance with ElectricSuper, ensure that your insurance is in place with ElectricSuper before you roll your other account and close it.

Not sure what insurance you have with ElectricSuper? Contact us to find out.

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My life changes

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Have confidence that your income will be protected and your family’s finances will be secure.

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Ensure that your loved ones are looked after if anything unexpected happens. Insurance provides peace of mind by protecting your income if you are unable able to work. We can talk you through the options to make sure that you get right level of cover.

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