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Your super is there to support your spending, but planning for retirement means more than just thinking about your finances. Leaving working life behind can feel like a breath of fresh air. But some people are surprised to find themselves missing their lives before retirement. This is often because our jobs provided us with valuable aspects of our wellbeing. Give yourself the best retirement you can by adjusting to your new lifestyle and following the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, developed by the New Economics Foundation.


Spend more time with family and friends to get one of the best benefits in retirement. Personal relationships are a big part of your emotional wellbeing. Always be working to strengthen your relationships and make new connections with people around you.

Be active

Benefit your body and mind through physical activity. Find something you enjoy and get into a routine to improve your mood, increase your energy and decrease your risk of diseases. To stay motivated, consider exercising with a friend or joining a group.

Keep learning

Try a new hobby, learn a language or take up an instrument. Now you have more time on your hands you can really begin to follow your passions. Challenging yourself and learning new things is as easy as searching online and can be immensely rewarding!

Take notice

Live in the ‘here and now’. Practicing mindfulness means being aware of your present experiences. Studies suggest that mindfulness is associated with positive changes to regions of the brain, including those involved with learning, memory and emotion regulation.


Give generously and feel the rewards yourself too. Giving increases your happiness and reduces your levels of stress. Make it a habit to give to others every day, through small acts of kindness or bigger gestures like volunteering.

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