We all want to make things easier for our loved ones. That’s why it’s important to nominate beneficiaries. If something happens, your super benefit is paid according to your wishes.

Why should I nominate beneficiaries?

In the event of your death, if you have a valid binding nomination, the ElectricSuper Board is obliged to pay your super benefit to your nominated beneficiaries. A binding nomination can help reduce the time it takes to get the money to those who may need it most. You may confirm, amend or cancel your binding nomination at any time. The beneficiary nomination is valid for a period of 3 years from when it is signed. It’s important to keep your nomination up-to-date. If you die without a valid nomination, the Board will decide who receives your super benefit (even if you have a made a will).

Who can I nominate?

To be valid, beneficiaries must be classed as your dependant, or legal personal representative (the executor or administrator of your estate).

A dependant includes:

  • Your spouse (married or de facto partner)
  • Your children (including step-children and adopted children)
  • Anyone wholly or partly financially dependent on you
  • Any person you have an interdependency relationship with

You are able to nominate any number of beneficiaries to receive your super benefit. You can split the total payout by choosing the proportion you wish to go to each person.

Making a nomination

It’s easy to nominate or update your beneficiaries. Simply download the form below, fill out your choices and return by post.

Are there restrictions to nominating a beneficiary?

If you are in Division 3 (the Pension Scheme) or Division 2 (the Lump Sum Scheme), the ElectricSuper Rules determine how your benefit will be paid on your death. Depending on your situation, it may be paid variously to your spouse if you have a spouse, and/or dependent children if you have any, and/or your estate if you have no spouse or children. However, you can still nominate beneficiaries for any lump sum benefits (such as additional voluntary contributions or rollovers).

All other members may nominate a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive the entirety of their benefit, but there is no obligation to do so.

If, at the time of your death, one or more of your nominated beneficiaries is no longer your dependant (under superannuation law) or one or more of them has died, your nomination will be invalid and the benefit will be paid out at the ElectricSuper Board’s discretion.

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My life changes

If you’re changing your nomination due to life changes, there may be other options to consider.


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