You may have seen the news that the Energy Industries Super Scheme (Pool A) has failed the first MySuper Performance Test. While their name is similar to our old name, we stress that they are unrelated to ElectricSuper.
We changed our name to ElectricSuper a couple of years ago to help reduce this kind of confusion for members.

What is the MySuper Performance Test?

APRA assessed eighty regulated MySuper products on performance on their returns and fees for the first time yesterday and have published the results. The test deems that funds which do not meet the test’s benchmarks on good outcomes for members have failed.

Why is ElectricSuper not included?

We don’t report to APRA. This is because of how ElectricSuper was established through the privatisation of ETSA. As such, we are not included in their MySuper performance testing.
We are among a very large number of super products which have not been included in the testing.

How is ElectricSuper performing?

Achieving quality outcomes for ElectricSuper’s members is our top priority.
You can find information about ElectricSuper’s investment performance on our Investment Performance webpage, or check our Dashboard for the default Balanced Growth option in ElectricSuper’s Accumulation Scheme.

link to investment performance page

link to ElectricSuper's performance dashboard page

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