Your spouse can join ElectricSuper!

The spouse of any ElectricSuper member can have their own ElectricSuper account.

As an Accumulation (Division 5) Spouse member, they’ll pay no admin fees!

On top of that, your spouse will have access to the same great investment options as other members and can apply for death and total and permanent disablement insurance.

Use the Spouse Membership Application to start.

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Or, if learning by video is more your thing, watch our 1-minute video to discover some of the features of a Spouse Account.

Planning for the future: 4 stories to read

If you or your partner are taking time away from paid employment, there are things you can consider to help reduce the long-term impact of not receiving regular super contributions from an employer for a while.

And, have you thought about what happens to your super if you suddenly die? You might be surprised to discover that it isn’t automatically paid to your spouse.

Who gets your super if you die?

It may not be automatically paid to your spouse. But you can easily nominate who you want to receive your super if you die.

Starting a family

Plan for when one of you takes time away from paid employment to care for a family.

Breaks from work

If you’re taking a break from work to travel or care for someone, there are things that could help reduce the hit to your super.

Extra super contributions for a working family

Even when money is tight, a small amount to your super may make a difference to your final retirement balance.

Increasing insurance when your life changes

Do you have enough death insurance and total and permanent disablement cover to protect your spouse and family if something happens to you?

If you’ve got married within the last 12 months, you can apply to increase your insurance by one level without having to provide additional medical information. It makes applying so much easier! Access the Increase Insurance – Life Events form for more information.

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Enough insurance?

Who gets your super if you die?

Taking a Retirement Income Stream?

You may be able to nominate a reversionary beneficiary (your spouse) who will receive your ongoing regular income stream payments if you die.

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Nominate who will receive your super if you die

If you want to have a say in who receives your super when you die, watch this video to learn how to do it.

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Forms and page links

Here are some of the forms and other resources that might be useful as you think about adding to your super.

Want to access our other forms, pages and calculators? See the Resources/forms page.

Contribution splitting

Split some of your contributions to your spouse’s account

Spouse contribution

You can make a contribution to your spouse’s ElectricSuper account

Increase your insurance because of a "life event"

Apply for an increase of one level in your insurance if you’ve got married in the last 12 months

Change your insurance - active Division 5 members

If you’re an active Division 5 member, you can apply to increase, decrease or cancel your insurance.

Change your insurance - retained or spouse members

If you are a retained or spouse Division 5 member, you can apply to increase, change or cancel your insurance cover.

Nominate your beneficiary(ies)

You can choose who will receive your super if you die while a member of ElectricSuper.

Nominate a Reversionary Beneficiary (Income Stream members only)

If you have an Income Stream, you can choose to nominate a reversionary beneficiary and your spouse could continue to receive regular income payments from your Income Stream account after you die.

Insurance links

Other spouse links

Click the links below to learn more about becoming a spouse member and contribution splitting to your spouse.

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Splitting super contributions

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