About aged care

Find out about the different levels of care available in later life.

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Costs of aged care

Learn about the way aged care home costs are calculated and where to find more information

(2:45 minutes)

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Help at home

You may be eligible for assistance around the home as you age. Find out more about what is on offer and how you can access assistance.

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Planning for aged care when retiring

Having some knowledge about how the costs of aged care works can help you make informed decisions about your retirement spending.

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Forms and other resources

Here are some resources that might be helpful as you navigate government services and other support on offer.

Want to access our other forms, pages and calculators? See the Resources/Forms page.

Retirement Booklet

Our Retirement Booklet includes links to other services, such as information about the government pension and SA Seniors Card.

Other services

Access additional resources, such as Centrelink’s Payment Finder, My Aged Care and Services Australia

Maximising the age pension

Learn more about making the most of any government age pension.

Separation or divorce and the age pension

Your marital status impacts on your government benefits. Read more about how divorce or separation can change your entitlements, plus some of your obligations if you split from your partner.

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