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How much do you need to retire?

The dollar amount for a great retirement is different for everyone. This video might help you as you start to make plans to step away from paid work.

(1:20 minutes)

Things to ask before you retire

Learn more about the kinds of questions that could help position you to make informed decisions for yourself in our quick article.

Early retirement

If you are not yet 60, there is likely to be tax if you take your super early. However, you may still have options that will allow you to retire early.

Read the answers to these 3 quick questions to get the facts:

  1. Can you retire before age 60?
  2. Do I have to take my pension/super as soon as I retire?
  3. What steps are involved in opening an Income Stream?


Get the answers

Are you on track?

It’s one thing to know how much you might have at retirement, but do you know what that lump sum dollar value at retirement means for your retirement lifestyle? Find out!

Putting more into your super

If you think adding to your super now could help you, learn more about how you can do that to get the most advantage for you

Voluntary contributions

Learn about the different ways you can make contributions to your super.

(2 minutes)

Annual limits on the amount you can contribute

Before you start making extra contributions, check that you’re within the annual government caps so you don’t get penalised with extra tax.

(1:47 minutes)

Lifetime super cap and transfer balance cap (2022-23)

The Federal Government caps the amounts you can move into the retirement phase of a super product. They also have a limit on the amount you can have in your super and still be eligible for government incentives.

(1:55 minutes)

Combining your super

A case study on the difference rolling your super into one account could make.,

(2:11 minutes)

The projection calculator

Use our projection calculator to see what a difference putting extra into your super could make

(1:06 minutes)

Find the calculator here

A late start to super

If you arrived in Australia late, your super balance might not be quite what you want it to be. Our video has tips to help you boost your super.

(2:35 minutes)

The rules around your super...

There are differing rules that may allow you to access your super. Find out more about them and when you may be able to access your super as you approach retirement. Watch now (5:00 minutes)

Preparing for Retirement Booklet

Our Preparing for Retirement Booklet can give you tips and tricks to get you started on your plan for retirement.


How is your super tracking?

Check your super balance now and use our detailed calculator to see how your super could last in retirement.

Check now

Retiring early

Part of your plan for retirement might consider retiring early. Retiring ahead of schedule is more common than you might think.

Read more

The 4 main options at retirement

There are 4 broad categories that you might fit into at retirement – take your money as an ongoing income, take a lump sum (or 2!), leave your money in super, or a combination. Find out more about each option in our Choose Your Own Adventure pages.

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Planning for aged care when you retire

At retirement, thinking about aged care can seem a long way off, but having some basic knowledge about the system can help you enjoy your retirement even more. Watch our video to learn more.

(4:29 minutes)

4 Big Questions

Whether retirement is in the immediate future or further away for you, there are 4 big questions to ask yourself to help you get a good idea of how you want to live in retirement and how you could get there.

Read more

There are a host of articles on our website to help you get ready for retirement, from starting your planning through to capital gains tax, estate planning and more things to watch out for in retirement:


A recontribution strategy can work for some people, depending on your situation, age and aims. It involves moving money out of super and back in to change the tax status and access other possible advantages.

Conditions and eligibility applies, so make sure you speak to your financial planner before taking action.

Recontribution strategies explained

Get the basics on recontribution.

(2:27 minutes)

Leaving super to your adult children

Recontribution could help your adult children if they inherit your super.

(1:33 minutes)

Accessing lump sums in retirement

If you have a larger starting balance

See a couple of examples on the effect of taking lump sums out of your income stream if you have a larger starting balance.

(2:39 minutes)

If you have a moderate starting balance

See a couple of examples on the effect of taking lump sums out of your income stream if you have a moderate starting balance.

(2:50 minutes)

Reaching retirement with a mortgage

More and more people are reaching retirement still owing money on their home loan. There may be options available to you. Watch our video for some examples.

(2:39 minutes)

A timeline to retirement

Want to know more about the steps you can take to get ready for retirement, even years ahead of your planned retirement date?

Our timelines could help you.

Forms and page links

Here are some of the forms and other resources that might be useful as you start making preparations for your retirement.

Want to access our other forms, pages and calculators? See the Resources/Forms page.

Vary my contribution form

Complete the form and forward it to your payroll to get started making regular contributions

Lump sum contribution form

If you want to make a one-off lump sum contribution to your super, you can. Use this form

Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction form

If you are planning to claim a tax deduction on your personal contributions, you’ll need to use this form.

Rollover into ElectricSuper

You can easily and quickly roll other super into ElectricSuper using your myGov account. Read more about it in our Reunite Your Super story.

If you don’t have a myGov account, you may need to do it the old-fashioned way using a paper form. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing.

Easily roll in your other super using your myGov account – no paperwork, no fuss!

Spouse contribution

Want to put money into your spouse’s ElectricSuper account?

Useful web links

Click these links to learn more about an Income Stream and the different ways you can access your money in retirement:

Income in retirement page


What is an Income Stream article

Click these links for help on more things to consider as you think about retirement:

How much will I need? web page


Planning tools

Click these ElectricSuper links to learn more about contributions

Annual contribution limits


Types of contributions


Tax on contributions


Contribution splitting

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