I would tell other people to contact ElectricSuper. I’ve been with the organisation a long time and when younger, I would pay my super and hope it all worked out. Now retirement’s getting closer, it’s time to show a bit more interest and get advice. I have no hesitation in recommending that people make contact and speak with ElectricSuper.


Electric Super are very knowledgeable with their product, with what can be a complicated topic, plus prompt in their responses too.


I admit super gets complicated for a non-finance person so I do two things: I talk to ElectricSuper and get the information about things and I talk to our HR people and then discuss it with our accountant. My philosophy is to get information from everyone and put it all together. ElectricSuper have always helped out as much as they can.


I have found ElectricSuper’s service to be excellent. Leading up to retirement, I was quite unsure how things were going to go, but I had really great support from ElectricSuper. We had a phone conference, and my daughter sat in on it which they were okay with, and it was very reassuring.


The service has been fantastic. Any questions I’ve had either verbally or by email have been answered and people get back to me quickly. A good all-round experience.


In terms of the service from ElectricSuper, it’s been really good. I’ve been dealing with Mel and she’s been absolutely excellent. She answers my queries every time and I’ve had no issues.


The service from ElectricSuper has been good. I can’t complain. It was easy to move to the allocated pension. If I had known when I was younger about putting more in… when I was younger, we only put in about $5 a week, although $5 went a bit further in those days.


To someone who doesn’t know where to start or what do with their super, I’d say go and speak to an expert. If you’re with ElectricSuper, you can talk to them. They’ll help you tailor a plan to your requirements and your situation.


Get onboard with talking to ElectricSuper. You need to meet with them. They know about super. Talk to them. If anyone asks me, I say, ‘arrange a meeting’!


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