What is super?

You know you have super, but are you unsure what it’s all about? Our quick video will help you.

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Get to know us

Welcome to ElectricSuper

Learn more about the services we offer.

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Meet our Member Services Team

Get to know our Member Services Team and find out how they can help you understand your super better.

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How is your super tracking?

Getting your super on track when you’re starting out can make a real difference for your future.

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Why ElectricSuper

Learn about all the benefits you receive from ElectricSuper, including paying no admin fees, great insurance and investment options, plus more!

What difference does it make to start early?

Learn what small contributions early might make by the time you retire.

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Using the projection calculator

We’ve got a great online calculator that lets you try different scenarios and see what difference putting more into your super could make.

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Forms and other resources

Here are some of the forms and other resources that might be helpful as you get started with ElectricSuper.

Want to access our other forms, pages and calculators? See the Forms and Publications page.

Standard Choice of Fund form

Give this form to your employer to let them know you want your super paid into ElectricSuper

Letter of Compliance

Your employer may ask for a Letter of Compliance to be sure that ElectricSuper is a complying super fund. You can hand them this letter.


See the performance information for the Balanced Growth option for Division 5 Accumulation Scheme to easily compare it with other super funds.

Member booklet

Learn more about the Division 5 ElectricSuper scheme and how it works

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