Are you recontributing?

There are options, depending on your age and situation, that allow you to draw out and recontribute money to your super or to your spouse’s super. Find out more about the reasons someone might do this in our quick video.

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Your investment choice

Making sure your Income Stream and other super money is in the right investment option for you is very important. Learn more about it in this article.

Moving your money around

Leaving money to your adult children

This video will help you understand the tax implications of leaving super money to your adult children if you die, and what you can do about it.

(1:33 minutes)

Investing in retirement

Learn more about your investment choices in retirement.

(1:15 minutes)

Returning to work after you've retired

There are options that may allow you to put money into your super after you’ve started claiming it.

(2:11 minutes)

Upper limits on your super in the retirement phase

Watch our video to learn more about the Government’s limits that apply to moving money to the retirement phase.

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Request a partial or full withdrawal

You can make payment requests online, but we have a paper-based form in case you don’t have online access.

Changing your pension details

With an Income Stream, you can update your details and information online. Or we have a form available if you need to do it the paper-based way.

What happens to your super if you die?

If you are a Retirement Income Stream member, you may wish to nominate a Reversionary Beneficiary who will receive your ongoing regular pension payments if you die.

Or, all members have the option to lodge a Binding Death Benefit Nomination to advise who should receive your super or Income Stream if you die.

Read more about beneficiaries

Our short article will help you understand why nominating a beneficiary is so important.

What is a reversionary beneficiary?

If you are receiving an income stream, you may be able to nominate your spouse to receive your pension in ongoing regular payments if you die.

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Reversionary beneficiary form

Lodge your nomination here to allow your spouse the option of receiving your regular pension payments if you die.

Nominate a binding death beneficiary form

Use this form to nominate your beneficiaries to receive your super or Income Stream if you die.

Read more about estate planning

Read more about estate planning, including putting your instructions in place for health and financial decision-making if you are later no longer able to make your own decisions.

Taking lump sums now you're retired

If you had a large starting balance

See a couple of examples on the effect of taking lump sums out of your income stream if you have a larger starting balance.

(2:39 minutes)

If you had a moderate starting balance

See a couple of examples on the effect of taking lump sums out of your income stream if you have a moderate starting balance.

(2:50 minutes)

Covering medical costs using an Income Stream

If you have medical expenses, you may be able to access your Income Stream to help pay the costs. Find out more in our video.

(2:24 minutes)

The age pension

The age pension can work with your super money to support your lifestyle in retirement. Learn more about this important government benefit.

Other forms and resources

Here are some of the forms and other resources that might be helpful in retirement.

Want to access our other forms, pages and calculators? See the Forms and Publications page.

Retirement Booklet

Our Retirement Booklet is full of information about retirement and includes links to other services, such as information about the government pension and SA Seniors Card.

Proof of ID information

If you make changes to your pension, you might need to provide proof of your identity. Find out more about how to do this.

Other services

Access additional resources, such as Centrelink’s Payment Finder, My Aged Care and Services Australia

The projection calculator

Use the calculator to try different scenarios in retirement and see how your money will last.

(1:06 minutes)

Access the calculator here.

What are the rules for accessing your super?

Find out more about when and how you may be able to access your super, and what can happen if you go back to work after retiring.

(5:00 minutes)

Retirement landmines

Knowing of some potential hazards can help you avoid them. Read more.

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