Getting started

You need to give your employer the details of your ElectricSuper account. You can do this online in your account

  1. Go to the Employment menu
  2. Select New employment
  3. Complete the Super details section

Alternatively, hand your new employer the Standard Choice of Fund form, nominating ElectricSuper as your super fund to have your them make your super contributions to your existing ElectricSuper account for you.

Download the form

Your insurance with ElectricSuper

When you leave employment with a Participating Employer, you become a “Retained Member” and your insurance arrangements with ElectricSuper will change. Learn more!

Insurance for Retained members: info

Find out how your insurance arrangements on your death insurance, total and permanent disablement insurance and disability income benefit (income protection) insurance change when you become a Retained Member.

Insurance for Retained members: form

If you want to increase, decrease or cancel your insurance as a retained member, use this form.

Working part-time

Read more about what impact working part-time could have on your super. The Division of ElectricSuper you’re in will determine what happens with your super.

Forms and other resources

Here are some of the other forms and resources that might be helpful if you change your working hours or leave your Participating Employer.

Want to access our other forms, pages and calculators? See the Resources/Forms page.

Changing jobs: article

Read more about what happens with your super when you change jobs

Stay with us, even with a new job: article

Learn how easy it is to stay with us when you leave your Participating Employer

Member booklet

Learn more about the Division 5 ElectricSuper scheme and how it works

Changing jobs: web page

Read more about the changes to your super when you change jobs.

Super stapling: article

Learn more about what super stapling is and how it works can help you make your decision when you start a new job and your employer asks for your super details.

5-step super health check: article

When you change jobs, it can be a great time to check in with your super to make sure all your info is up-to-date and that you’re receiving all the benefits you should be.

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