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Wondering what difference it can make to put extra into your super?

How much extra could you have?


By putting in an extra… $20/week $30/week $50/week $150/week
…you could potentially have…
in 5 years $4,773 $7,160 $11,933 $35,800
in 10 years $10,538 $15,807 $26,345 $79,035
in 15 years $17,500 $26,250 $43,750 $131,249
in 20 years $25,908 $38,862 $64,769 $194,307

We’ve used some assumptions to calculate these numbers. You can see these assumptions below.



Single person; current annual salary $100,000; current super balance $120,000; 10.5% current employer contributions to super; returns on superannuation 8% p.a.; $400 per year spent on insurance premiums through superannuation; no administration fees paid on super account; inflation 2.5%; improvement in living standards 1.5%; contributions made by salary sacrifice.

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If you want to see where your super could be at retirement, how long your money will last once you get there and what spending more or less, or retiring earlier or later could do for you, try our calculator.

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