All Officers of the Scheme are required to comply with the Scheme Code of Conduct in all situations when working on behalf of the Scheme and are expected to do their best to ensure that the Scheme is a good corporate citizen in all matters.


This policy applies to all existing Officers of the Scheme and anyone who is nominated to become an Officer of the Scheme.


Officer means any member of the Board or ElectricSuper staff.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct covers the following items:


  1. to comply with the Trust Deed, Rules, relevant law and Board policies (including Board Charter)

Ethical behaviour

  1. to act honestly and ethically in all matters concerning the Scheme
  2. to act in good faith, and to exercise due care and diligence to ensure that the Board discharges its purpose as the trustee of ElectricSuper
  3. to be prepared to reaffirm at each Board meeting that they are not a disqualified person as defined in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act
  4. to disclose any possible conflicts of interest that may impact on their duties as a Board member, in accordance with the conflicts of interest policy
  5. to not improperly use their position for personal gain or to the detriment of the Scheme, its members or its employer-sponsors
  6. to not engage in fraudulent activity of any kind against the Scheme, its members or its employer-sponsors
  7. to report any suspicions of fraudulent activity, or any known fraudulent activity, to the Chairman (or to the CEO if not appropriate to report to the Chairman) as early as possible. The ElectricSuper Procedures for Managing a Policy Breach should be followed.
  8. to discuss with the Chairman any circumstances where the Board member may have not complied with the Trust Deed or Rules, or breached any Board policies (including the Code of Conduct Policy). In the event that an actual or perceived breach of a Scheme policy is identified, the ElectricSuper Procedures for Managing a Policy Breach should be followed.
  9. to treat all persons (including colleagues and members) with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness, and have proper regard for their interests, rights, safety and welfare

As a member of the Board

  1. to attend scheduled meetings of the Board and Sub Committees as appropriate
  2. to take individual responsibility to contribute actively to all aspects of the Board’s role
  3. to prepare for and actively participate in meetings, and give proper consideration to all decisions of the Board
  4. to keep confidential all information that comes into their possession due to their membership of the Board, where disclosure of that information may compromise the Scheme, its members or its employer-sponsors
  5. to consider and respond to requests for circular resolutions in a timely fashion
  6. to undertake relevant accreditation and training

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