The statements for 2022/23 are available

You can access your statement in your online member portal. They are currently being uploaded.

Make sure you check your statement carefully. It’s loaded with important information, so familiarising yourself with the contents can help build your understanding of your situation.

Things to check

Your personal details

Do we have your details correct, such as your birthday? Have we spelt your name correctly? Do we have the right date of birth? Is your email and postal address up-to-date?

Your investment option and performance

Do you know which investment option your super is in? Find out on your statement. You’ll also be able to see how your investment option (or options) performed when compared to the benchmarks that the option is aiming for. If the investment option no longer suits you, you can switch options online in the portal.

Your contributions

Are the contributions that your employer has made correct? Did you make any contributions yourself in the 2022/23 year? If so, check that they’re showing on your statement.

Your insurance and beneficiaries

Is the insurance information that shows on your statement still appropriate for your needs? It might be a good time to review your insurance and check if it’s the right level of cover for you. Or, if you don’t have insurance (Death and Total and Permanent Disability insurance or Income Protection insurance), do you want it or need it? You can find out more about applying for insurance, or changing or cancelling your insurance on our website.

Additionally, check if you have a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) recorded. That’s the person or people who will receive your super if you die. If you do have a nominated beneficiary, when is it due for renewal? Is it still nominating the best person for your current situation?

It’s particularly important to review these areas of your statement if your situation has recently changed, such as getting married or separating/divorcing from a partner, having a child, selling or buying a house, and more.

Your tax file number (TFN)

It’s not compulsory to provide us with your tax file number, but there are certain contributions we can’t accept if we don’t have it. Also, you may end up paying more tax than you would otherwise. If your TFN isn’t showing as supplied, contact us to provide your tax file number.

Access your statement

Access your statement in the portal.

Don’t have online access?

If you don’t have online access to your ElectricSuper account, you can request a hard-copy statement be posted to you. Call our Helpline on 1300 307 844 to ask for your statement to be mailed out.

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